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Where Movers In Houston basically have a complete upside for taking a risk no one’s really making much money yet why the hell does not try everything you can possibly try because here’s the reality of once you graduate as I said I’ve graduated five years ago. Read more @

Movers In Houston

all your friends go out they get really nice jobs buy fancy cars fancy apartments and leaving that to start a company is like unthinkable for most people and like the word I use to describe it is actually like fear really really really think about that and that’s why I say you know

if you’rea sophomore right now you’re think about starting a company like go fucking start a company because the only thing that can happen is if Movers In Houston either succeed or you’ll fail and you’ll learn more and then people will give you more money to try again and if you start now you will definitely continue once you graduate so do really really think about that backpacking Asia

after I left Expedia, my girlfriend and I went to Asia to backpack what’s unique about that is we were a travel company we made apps to help people travel the world I had never been overseas I’ve never been overseas never had time so finally we went out there to scratch that itch and I can tell you our apps do work in Asia

this is happy to see that so now I want to tell you about what I ‘m doing with my current company the genesis of filament labs which is my company today started with an obsession around habits I’m an engineer but I had always been interested in human psychology and to the point where I was reading everything

Movers In Houston

I could find working with professors on the subject and I felt that it was possible to build a platform an app to influence human behavior to fundamentally change people’s habits and that’s ultimately the seed that got filament labs started and turns out that that assumption was wrong and I’ll tell you why but that kind of what.