Moments That Basically Sum Up Your Movers Experience

babies do thatcall tree I was on the thirdI actually shot a lot of videos in therebut I moved there and then the studioended up being like a month and itwas funny because I actually liked thestudio apartment more than theone-bedroom again I’ll show you guyslike video clips and pictures of it butI like the studio better because itwasn’t like a studio like a big roomthey had.

a cool little arch thatreminded me I’m a castle so I felt likeI lives in a castle so it was reallycool so I moved there I would go insidebut if you see at the front they’resecurity Kings to get from that far yeahI mean there’s security in that buildingso I can’t exactly walk inside and showyou guys but um Holly was pretty I don’twant to say it’s not dangerous and Isaid it before Holly.

was overrated andI’m not gonna lie I moved to Hollywood because it was just you know when youthink Hollywood you think it’s just theplace to be at but I ended up workingfor skiing it was down the street fromhere so that worked but I’m just goingto show you guys how close how fun theHollywood Boulevard strip is from thatapartmentHollywood is good if you like going tothe clubs and you like partying doingall that I hate all that because I justhate being around crowds I hate peoplelike there’s a club.

literally rightthere but then when you walk we’realmost there it’s really close this iswhere they have like the walk of famewith all the stars and stuff but yeahHollywood’s dirty and there’s a lot ofcrazy people here and it smells like peeand there’s no parking so the firstapartment I showed you guys it wasunlimited parking I was actuallysurprised we found parking by herebecause there’s street parking but it’sall meters you can see it like.