Moments That Basically Sum Up Your Ac Repair Experience

All right it was also a leak right here it’s a little hard to tell I can’t get it really on the camera but there was also a tube leak right there that was repaired okay so the condenser was fine so what I did was is I just took the the halogen h leak detector which let me show you how that operates here’s the halogen h we turn it on right here and you adjust the sensitivity depending.

Upon what refrigerant you’re dealing with will determine what’s selected switch you have the refrigerant that I’m dealing with here is our so the selector switch is over here to the right I’ll leave the sensitivity right there so normally what I do is I go around my pipes and searching for I’m waiting for this thing to start buzzing on me telling me I got a leak right there and that info alright the lights shut off on me I had to restart so anyways a wet wood.

Took my housing age and these are the suction line and the liquid line right here and I just went around and kept waiting for this thing to sound off and then I came up here to the liquid line psych glass and I started getting nap now you’ll notice how that is really lighting off once that lid off like that which kind of gives me the general vicinity of where the leak is then what I do is I take a product in this case it’s this brush-on blue and I also have this product right here which is just big blue and a spray block so what I’ll do is just take this swab put it in there.

And I’ll show you what I am going to observe put it here on the top and do you see that it is leaking really good right there you can clearly see that I have got a leak coming from this cyclops so the first thing that I did was use the halogen h to pinpoint it then you use the soap bubbles here in case you.