Most Effective Ways To Overcome Tucson Ac Repair’s Problem

very different than the r fittings but one of the things that I like to try is I’ll just push down on that Schroeder valve briefly to see if there’s any pressure in the system and since I don’t have fingers shaped like chopsticks I’m just going to use this screwdriver blade and just briefly do this and keep your face away from here in fact we should.

probably be wearing a safety glasses from here on out which is what I will do but just push down on it briefly it’s the same thing as a tire valve you can see on this one I’m pushing down and there’s absolutely nothing coming out but if you get like a little squirt that means there’s some pressure in the system which is a very good sign okay and the interest of teaching you good practices we’re going to wear these from here on out since we know the system is completely empty.

one of the things ULTRA AIR CONDITIONING that you can do to try to figure out if the system can hold pressure is you can put a vacuum on it for that you need to purchase a vacuum pump now there are two fittings on a manifold gauge set which is what you’re going to need in order to do any kind of AC work I picked up this set at Harbor Freight that was rather inexpensive there are two different sizes the high side is the fat one the big one and then you run down valve there the low side is the smaller one or a blue one this that valve was already run down and my leak has already manifested all I had to do was hook this stuff up see that dripping out there is right underneath my low-pressure inlet there is a pretty sizable.

leak in this tube in fact there’s a little puncture wound right about here so normally I would have put a vacuum on the system to see if it would hold vacuum if it did not hold vacuum then I would know that the system is compromised in some way we could add AC dye there’s a few different ways you can go about.